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Your customers count on high delivery reliability through a flawless flow of goods within your company. To meet these expectations every day, MFC Services realizes and improves the sustainable mechanization of internal logistics together with you.
When making implementation choices, MFC uses two starting points:

When making implementation choices, MFC uses two starting points:

  1. mechanization requirements throughout the entire life cycle, from design to replacement or termination
  2. USM (Unified Service Management) as the foundation for cooperation between mechanization and other departments inside and outside the organization

Balance between man, machine and environment

Unexpected stoppage of the flow of goods in a warehouse or terminal, nobody wants that. Extra hands are no solution in case of mechanization to still deliver your products on time and complete.

You want to be able to trust technology unconditionally, now and in the future. MFC understands that feeling based on years of experience with mechanization and robotization.

To minimize the risk of downtime, MFC addresses sustainability in all aspects of mechanization.

  • asset life cycle as criterion in supplier selection
  • TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)
  • HSE (Health, Safety & Environment) requirements
  • flexibility in technology to respond to changes
  • employee preparation and support
  • laws and regulations
  • division of tasks between own employees and suppliers
  • embedding mechanization in the organization via USM

Based on the belief that balance between man, machine and environment is necessary for sustainable success, MFC involves these three aspects in mechanization on the way to a flawless flow of goods.

Focus on the full life cycle

In sustainable mechanization of your internal logistics, MFC considers the full life cycle when deciding on the action plan. Each stage in the life cycle, from design, use to replacement or termination requires specific services that guarantee a stable level of performance.


Life cycle Mechanization

Specific services:

  1. drafting requirements and specifications
  2. making agreements with partners
  3. implementing mechanization and service organization
  4. testing and validating mechanisms
  5. guiding soft landing within the organization
  6. directing service organization
  7. measuring and analyzing performance
  8. optimizing mechanization and organization

Delivery reliability, now and in the future

For setting up or optimizing mechanization, your answers to the following questions are a good starting point for a conversation with MFC:

  • What stage of the life cycle is your mechanization in?
  • What requirements and risks currently require your attention?
  • What aspects do you want to address to secure delivery reliability for your customers today and in the future?

You are not waiting for a long story. You are looking for a goal-oriented approach, specific to the mechanization in your organization’s warehouse or terminal.

A conversation at your location about the life cycle of mechanization and robotization of logistics is therefore the best way for MFC to determine the necessary steps. In this way, you immediately experience whether our communication style and approach match the way you prefer to work.

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Mechanization as part of the whole

Collaboration between mechanization and other departments inside and outside the organization is a prerequisite for sustainable success. Only in clearly structured internal and external collaboration are your employees able to achieve the high delivery reliability to customers.

USM, Unified Service Management, a simple service management system that gives control not only over the flow of goods, but over all other operations within your organization.

MFC will talk you through how USM provides added value from mechanization investments for the entire organization.

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Control, pleasure and success

MFC strives to use modern, complex technology in such a way that you remain in control, your employees enjoy their work and your customers are and remain satisfied.

For the concrete set-up or improvement of internal logistics, we choose, in consultation, a working form that suits the wishes, habits and possibilities within your organization. We achieve the best results if you involve MFC at an early stage in the plans for mechanization. There we make choices together that determine the success of the mechanization.

In a down-to-earth manner, we translate strategy into execution. In that practical implementation, MFC is personally involved and familiar with the hectics and atmosphere in a warehouse or terminal.

Would you like to experience for yourself how flexible we are and how much we know about your business and challenges? Choose a moment to meet Martijn Bakker at your location.

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Projects MFC has been involved in:

An inspired professional with a lot of knowledge, skill and experience. With a few targeted questions, he knows how to quickly get to the heart of the matter. He then provides context, possibilities and together we determine the next step in the field of asset management. This results in a very pleasant and constructive collaboration.

Hugo KevenaarAsset lead - Material Handling Equipment - Picnic Technologies

An engaged knowledge-able professional, with an integral view on automated systems.

Frank BoschSenior Manager NPR Procurement; ASML

Brings people together, who understands and manages the dynamics (and sometimes politics) of collaboration with strategic partners. Brings energy and can switch quickly, able to look at things from different angles and interests.

Marjon de KoningVP Logistics; Albert Heijn

The asset management vision of MFC has helped us as organization to deliver; well designed installation, with a high level of service predictability, good frameworks and low OPEX costs. For us, the relation with MFC is a strategic decision as they are the masters in this area of expertise. Precisely what we need in our fast-growing company.

Sylvester BussingS&M Domain Lead - Logistics New Infra,

• Albert Heijn
• Picnic
• APM Terminals
• Schiphol

Getting to know MFC

A personal meeting in your warehouse or terminal is the best way to discover whether MFC is the right partner for implementing or optimizing the mechanization or robotization of the flow of goods in your organization.

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