Unified Service Management (USM)

Managing service delivery is universal: whether you are managing a facility task area such as Building Management, Human Resources, ICT, Security or a task such as Mechanization, it is and always will be service delivery. This requires cooperation between participating parties and some degree of standardization to function as a link in chains and networks.

USM is a universal methodical approach for service management. Based on business principles and an explicit service management architecture.

The USM method describes a standardized service management system for setting up the organization, routines and resources of an (internal) service provider.

Customer – Provider interaction model

Mechanization is a very critical facility for your operations that must be supported.

Focus on workflows

A service organization using USM can establish a service organization with only five processes and eight workflows. The USM process model is an extremely simple, comprehensive, integrated, non-redundant “end-to-end” process model for a service organization.

With this clear and simple starting point, any service provider with USM can quickly get work under control and set up tools effectively. This then opens the door to service excellence and innovation.

Why USM as a service management system?

  • USM is methodical, and therefore universally applicable
  • USM is scalable and therefore future-proof
  • USM is simple and therefore low cost to apply
  • USM is owned by a non-profit organization, so no commercial context
  • USM is widely applicable: from assessing and improving internal working methods to outsourcing activities

MFC is an accredited USM implementation partner and Martijn Bakker is a certified USM coach.

  • USM implementation partners guide the competent use of the USM method by user organizations.
  •  Martijn Bakker is a certified USM coach who has a toolkit containing SURVUZ Foundation’s certified USM deployment products.

Want to know more about USM?

Check out usm-portal.com